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Chinese Antique Table Screen Tile Painting

Category: Chinese Antiques
Item No. 0/19584
Material Tile. Wood
Age 1900-1930
Size W15 1/2”. H11 1/2”
Price $398

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Chinese Bodiless Lacquer Vase

Item No. 0/19573
Material Lacquer. Wood. Silk
Age 1930-1950
Size D11”. H26 1/2”
Price $980

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Chinese Hardwood Stand

Item No. 0/19569
Material Hardwood
Age 20th Century
Size W15”. H24”


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Chinese Antique Ceramic Blue and white Vase

Item No. 0/19566
Material Ceramic
Age 19th Century
Size D9”. H23”
Price $1,198

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Japanese Antique Rosewood Tea Chest

Item No. 0/19538
Material Rosewood
Age 1950-1970
Size W50 1/2”. D13 1/2”. H51”
Price $1,175


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Chinese Painting Wall Hanging Kakejiku Scroll

Item No. 0/ 19532
Material Paper
Age Vintage
Size W 29” L 49.5”
Price $275

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Deeply carved Chinese cinnabar lacquer lidded Case.

Item No. 0/19460
Material Lacquered Wood
Age 1920-1950
Size Dia 8 3/4" H 2 7/8".
Price $685

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A Pair of Lovely Chinese Antique Blue & White Porcelain.

Item No. 0/19459
Material Porcelain
Age 19 Century
Size Dia 8 1/2" H 8 1/4"


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Chinese Antique Ink Stone with a Beautiful Hardwood Case.

Item No. 0/19444
Material Stone
Age Early 1900
Size W 5 3/4" L 9 1/8" H 3/4"


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Chinese Antique Cinnabar Lacquer Tray with Foo Dogs.

Item No. 0/19442
Material Lacquered Wood
Age 20th century
Size W 11 1/2" X 10 3/4"
Price $775

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