Kuraya offers a wide selection of fine Japanese tansu, furniture, and antique collectibles from the 18th - 19th Century. Each item is hand picked in Japan by our owner and shipped directly to the U.S. Our collection includes a variety of Japanese antiques such as tansu chests, ikebana baskets, kimono, buddhist arts, garden stone lantern. We also carry fine Chinese antique collectibles.

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New Arrivals

Japanese Lacquer Natsume With Makie Tea Caddy.

Item No. 0/19322
Material Lacquer Wood
Age 1930-1960
Size D2 3/4”. H2 3/4”
Price $398

Small Image [22F33D62-26A9-414C-BC11-5F38CFF3BD77


Chinese Ceramic Vase

Item No. 0/19321
Material Ceramic
Age 20 century
Size D9”. H17 1/2”


Small Image [819E6A2B-70D8-4DDD-9622-1899AB9421D6


Japanese Antique Mizuya Kitchen Tansu Chest.

Item No. 0/19320
Material Sugi Hinoki
Age 1900-1930
Size W36”. D18”. H65”


Small Image [5B3DEDD4-78D6-4B1F-A7F5-A768D3708842


Chinese Carved Soap-Stone of the Landscape With Mountain

Item No. 0/19319
Material Soapstone
Age 1910-1930
Size W 20” D 3 3/4” H 8 3/8”
Price $598

Small Image [0AEF5E7D-CB93-49F3-AEDB-683C92C1E064


Japanese Bronze Chagama Teakettle

Item No. 0/19318
Material Metal
Age 1900-1930
Size D 8 1/4” H 7 3/4”
Price $450

Small Image [2FAEEEDC-F523-4DEA-922C-EADF63164AC2


Japanese Ceramic Bowl

Item No. 0/19317
Material Ceramic
Age 1930-1960
Size W 8 3/4” x 8 3/4” H 4 7/8”
Price $285

Small Image [03EA9A20-EAE0-4359-8C7C-8EA26EE01AE5


Japanese Antique Bronze Hotei Happy Buddha

Item No. 0/19315
Material Bronze
Age 1860-1980
Size W 15” D 12” H 12 15/“


Small Image [0574CEE5-27D1-4A03-8B77-AB93D1F2C354


Japanese Karaki Rosewood Stand

Item No. 0/19314
Material Rosewood
Age 1930-1950
Size W 15 1/2” H 13 1/4”
Price $270

Small Image [BA59D82F-BA7B-4BFA-9063-FC4660618D5E


Japanese Antique Ceramic Plate

Item No. 0/19313
Material Ceramic
Age 1910-1930
Size D 18”
Price $370

Small Image [7B628AC4-B506-42F7-A6C3-82CBCE0AB88C


Japanese Antique Suiseki stone

Item No. 0/19312
Material Stone
Age 1880-1920
Size W 12 1/2” D 6 14/“ H 10 14/“ With Stand


Small Image [29E3CB09-C785-47DB-B5F9-61BFF93F0FAA