Kuraya offers a wide selection of fine Japanese tansu, furniture, and antique collectibles from the 18th - 19th Century. Each item is hand picked in Japan by our owner and shipped directly to the U.S. Our collection includes a variety of Japanese antiques such as tansu chests, ikebana baskets, kimono, buddhist arts, garden stone lantern. We also carry fine Chinese antique collectibles.

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New Arrivals

An Art of Japanese Antique Natural Wood

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Item No. 0/19577
Material Natural Wood
Age Meiji era; 1886-1912
Size L 17.5" W 9.5" H 7.5"


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Antique Japanese Hard Wood Ranma.

Item No. 0/19576
Material Zitan Hardwood.
Age Meiji era; 1868-1912
Size W 12 3/4" L 71 3/4"
Price $480

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Chinese Bodiless Lacquer Vase

Item No. 0/19573
Material Lacquer. Wood. Silk
Age 1930-1950
Size D11”. H26 1/2”
Price $980

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Japanese Copper Giboshi Knob Of A Bridge Post

Item No. 0/19571
Material Copper
Age 1900-1950
Size D4 3/4”. H9 1/4”


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Tibetan Gilt Bronze Statue of Kubera

Item No. 0/19570
Material Bronze
Age Vintage
Size W9 1/2”. D6”. 13”
Price $1,197

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Chinese Hardwood Stand

Item No. 0/19569
Material Hardwood
Age 20th Century
Size W15”. H24”


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Japanese Ceramic Kutani Shi Shi Okimono

Item No. 0/19568
Material Ceramic
Age 1900-1930
Size L13”. D 8”. H14 1/2”
Price $650

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A Large Japanese Wood Carving Bear

Item No. 0052/19567
Material Wood
Age 1930-1950
Size L35”. W19”. H23”
Price $1,475

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