Kuraya offers a wide selection of fine Japanese tansu, furniture, and antique collectibles from the 18th - 19th Century. Each item is hand picked in Japan by our owner and shipped directly to the U.S. Our collection includes a variety of Japanese antiques such as tansu chests, ikebana baskets, kimono, buddhist arts, garden stone lantern. We also carry fine Chinese antique collectibles.

Please visit our showrooms in San Francisco if you are near by so that we can share our treasures with you, or browse through our online catalog.


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New Arrivals

Chinese Antique Ink Stone with a Beautiful Hardwood Case.

Item No. 0/19444
Material Stone
Age Early 1900
Size W 5 3/4" L 9 1/8" H 3/4"


Small Image [948BDAEF-0FA3-486C-9E63-06052B985E41


Chinese Antique Cinnabar Lacquer Tray with Foo Dogs.

Item No. 0/19442
Material Lacquered Wood
Age 20th century
Size W 11 1/2" X 10 3/4"
Price $775

Small Image [96AC785D-7862-42E4-B928-1B46ACE1A97F


Japanese Antique Kasane Tansu Clothing Chest

Item No. 9301/19441
Material Kuwa. Sugi
Age 1890-1920
Size W34 1/2”. D16 1/2”. H39”
Price $2,250

Small Image [7D692FDD-51D8-4FAE-A950-BCFC8EFF5C96


Japanese Antique Four Panels Byobu Screen.

Item No. 0/19438
Material Silk border and Wood molding
Age 20th Century.
Size W 72.5" H 36"
Price $355

Small Image [BE70E499-BDE5-4F3F-A9D1-6D2E2EFC26F5


Japanese Antique Urushi Isho Tansu Lacquer Clothing Chest

Item No. 9189/19437
Material Hinoki. Sugi
Age 1890-1930
Size W45”. D16”. H65 1/2”


Small Image [CB5D4928-EE89-4240-9094-68EC89CAD7F7


Japanese Antique Stone Jizo ( Guardian God).

Item No. 0/19436
Material Stone
Age Meiji era: 1868-1912
Size W 9” D 7” H 15 1/2”
Price $498

Small Image [94270D15-E2C6-4631-B1AA-AFE9F52E5276


Japanese Showa Butsudan Altar Shrine

Item No. 0/ 19435
Material Gold Gilt Lacquer Wood
Age 1920- 1940
Size W 30" D 26" H 63 3/4"


Small [16AEBB56-A3FD-4C4D-B003-B3399655A51E


Chinese Antique Rosewood Low Stand

Item No. 0/19433
Material Rosewood
Age 19th century
Size L24 1/2”. W12 1/4”. H2 1/2”
Price $650

Small Image [696C9A02-84A1-4AD0-9150-88E89ADE587D


Chinese Antique Ceramic Pot

Item No. 0/19432
Material Ceramic
Age 1900-1930
Size D10 1/2”. H5 1/4”
Price $450

Small Image [2D11EE98-FCE4-4296-BED9-9C65A981BDB9


Japanese Antique Yukimi Ishidoro Stone Lantern

Item No. 9318/19430
Material Stone
Age 1920-1950
Size D24”. H25”


Small Image [AAFB7671-F46C-4145-B4EF-5528E7729E34